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You are a practicing physician, dentist, pharmacist, therapist or an entrepreneur. You have an idea of owning your own practice. WE CAN HELP! You might have a location already or still looking for the right one. Let our group expertise assist you attain your objectives. Let us assist you through the long phases of the project starting with the first step to the turn-key completion or just assist with construction. Will deliver you the finished product as per your requirements.


When you already have a space for your practice, you need a proper design to account for all aspects of a proper operation. WE CAN HELP! There are many technical issues that can impact your project. We can help with specialized design. We'll start with an optimal layout to maximize the use of your floor area. Then we'll make sure all components required for the complete operation are in place to service your clinic efficiently.


We'll build your clinic the way you want it! Construction can be challenging for persons that do not practice construction on a daily basis. WE CAN HELP! Insure for yourself a stress-free construction phase. We'll use all the specified materials and installing all the equipment required as per your approved design. We will also obtain all the required construction permits. When complete, your place is ready to receive the furnishings and the specialized equipment.


Your interior finishing selection will define your place. WE CAN HELP! Your selection will be guided by our professionals in choosing the proper materials for flooring, walls, ceiling, a color scheme for paint of walls, doors, baseboards, the selection of counter-tops, mill-work, etc. This will be established at the design stage.


Your practice needs common furnishings like chairs and tables, shelves, office desks, etc. Also your practice needs specialized furnishings such as exam tables, specific equipment, etc. WE CAN HELP! We'll listen to your needs and can source, deliver and install these furnishings for you.


Your practice requires specialized software and equipment to perform your daily tasks, such as: Internet proper settings, phone system integration, electronic medical records software, computers, VPN, switch equipment, routers, etc. WE CAN HELP! Let our practical experience put together all required technology to work for your efficient clinic.


Your practice needs various qualified staff to provide the required work to book appointments, and provide all preliminary services before you start examining patients. You need to run a smooth operation. WE CAN HELP! We can assist you to start-up and fine-tune your overall operation.


Your practice does well. It can grow. For growth, you need to build another clinic or a few clinics. WE CAN HELP! We can assist you plan, design and build your efficient personalized clinics.